Ulrike Jensen: Remembering Ambivalent Histories and Contested Commemoration: The White Buses

In this article, Ulrike Jensen, assistant at Neuengamme Memorial’s study center, presents materials and reflections on how to address the ambivalent and debated history of the White Buses Rescue action in spring 1945 in history teachingband teacher training.

The arcticle is accompanied by a selection of controversial material (newspaper clippings, original sources, witnesses’ accounts and a film) on the DVD accompanying the book.


Ulrike Jensen: “Remembering Ambivalent Histories and Contested Commemoration: The White Buses.” In: Bjerg, Helle; Körber, Andreas; Lenz, Claudia; von Wrochem, Oliver (Eds.; 2013): Teaching Historical Memories in an Intercultural Perspective. Concepts and Methods. Experiences and Results from the TeacMem Project. Edited on behalf of  Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial. Berlin: Metropol (Neuengammer Kolloquien; 4), ISBN 978-3-86331-114-8

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