This page is a list of the progress of the project. For more detailed informations, see e.g. the page “The TeacMem Seminars”.

  1. Realised events and steps
    1. October 1st, 2009: Start of the Project
    2. October 30th/31st, 2009: Initial Meeting in Hamburg-Neuengamme
    3. January 6th, 2010: Planning Meeting for the First Seminar in Neuengamme in March 2010
    4. March 2010: The First TeacMem Seminar in Neuengamme
    5. June 2010: Planning Meeting for the Second (Copenhagen) Seminar in Copenhagen
    6. September /October 2010: The Second TeacMem Seminar in Copenhagen
    7. June 9th, 2011: TeacMem Organizatorial Meeting in Hamburg
    8. October 28th, 2011: Planning Meeting in Hamburg
    9. November 28/29, 2011; Project Meeting in Oslo;
  2. Events and Steps to Come
    1. Third International Seminar in Norway (Oslo): March 25th to 29th, 2012

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