The TeacMem Seminars

One of the Main activities in TeacMem are the Seminars, which bring together people with different professional and (national) cultural background background working in the thematic area of the project:

  1. (National) Cultural Backgrounds
    1. Danish
    2. Norwegian
    3. German
  2. Professional Backgrounds
    1. Teachers
    2. Teacher Trainers
    3. Memorial and Museum Educators
    4. Teacher Students
    5. Researchers

The aim of the Seminars is to offer to these professionals with different backgrounds opportunities to get to know the “national” culture(s) in dealing with historical memories as well as the other’s professional interests, attitudes, concepts and methods, fostering discussions on both the “content” as well as the memorial practices and presentations. In doing so, the seminars are used to make visible and discussable the perceptions and conceptions of historical memories and the communalities and differences in concepts, aims, methods. These in turn will be analyzed and used for concepts and material for future teachers in their training.

    1. The First (Neuengamme Seminar) (March 2010): German memorial Culture: Representation of the Third Reich and NS Crimes in the country of the perpetrators. ... more


    1. The Copenhagen Seminar (September /October 2010):: The Copenhagen Frihetsmuseet: Presenting and Remembering Danish Resistance and ongoing debates ... more


  1. The Third TeacMem Seminar: Oslo Seminar: Presenting and Remembering Norwegian Resistance and Collaboration ... more

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