Museum Vest; Dept. Norsjøfartmuseet



Museum Vest

Dep. Nordsjøfartmuseet

5380 Telavåg

NO- Norway (NO 05)

Heggvik, Jenny Cand. Phil.


Tel. +47 56 32 74 40

About our institution:

The North Sea Traffic museum has permanent exhibitions about The Telavåg Tragedy and The North Sea Traffic 1940-45. From mid March 2012 we have completely new exhibitions about these topics.

About The Telavåg Tragedy: In a shooting between Norwegian agents and German Gestapo-officers in the village, three men were shot dead: Two Gestapo-officers and one Norwegian agent. The village was totally destroyed and  the men were sent to concentration camps, where 31 men died. Children, women and elder ones were sent to prisoner camps in Norway.

About The North Sea Traffic 1940-45: During WW2 totally 6 000 people escaped to Great Britain. They crossed the North Sea, most of them by fishing vessels. Fishing vessels were used in the war to return agents, weapons and equipment to the resistance movement  in Norway.

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