Project Description

The project “TeacMem – Developing Competence-Oriented Teaching on Historical Memories” aims at developing and disseminating methodologies for school history teaching and corresponding teacher and memorial-educators‚ training addressing memorial culture on the Holocaust and WW2 in intercultural perspective (exemplarily addresses by the subject of German Occupation of Denmark and Norway in WW2 and Scandinavian Imprisonment in Neuengamme Concentration Camp, which generated differing memorial narratives both between and within the countries).
Results are concepts (methodologies, principles and materials) on both levels orientating history teaching towards fostering learners’ competencies for participating in heterogeneous history culture, in which multiple and competing historical narratives are present and subject of public debate.
The project organises a two-level series of seminars for teachers-in-training and memorial-educators  and one seminar additionally for students.
In the seminars under a) teachers-in-training and memorial-educators will individually and together explore the past events and differing narratives referring to them as to their personal meaning and to reflect upon possibilities for addressing these subjects in school history teaching using project methodology. Concepts and materials for school teaching are to be developed by project partners and addresses. They will be implemented and evaluated using the third, combined seminar.
For this, the project partners‚Äô (‚Äûlecturers«) will provide information and material and organise workshops on theoretical and methodological aspects, e.g. the historical backgrounds, competence-orientated history teaching, project methodology, memorial culture, etc.
Using these experiences, the project partners will develop transferable concepts (methodology, principles etc.) and materials for teacher-trainings different  institutional settings, providing a basis for fostering modern, competence- and reflection-orientated history teaching.

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