Forthcoming: TeacMem Publication “Teaching Historical Memories in an Intercultural Perspective”

Teaching Historical MemorieTeaching Historical Memories (cover)s
in an Intercultural Perspective

Concepts and Methods

Experiences and Results
from the TeacMem Project

Edited on behalf of  Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial by 

Helle Bjerg, Andreas Körber, Claudia Lenz,

and Oliver von Wrochem

Redaction: Ulrike Jensen


  • Joke van der Leeuw-Roord: Foreword
  • Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke: Memory Culture as a Subject in History Didactics
  • Andreas Körber • Claudia Lenz: Introduction
  • Oliver von Wrochem: The development of memory culture in German society after the war and the Nazi era. Memorials as symbolic sites of “negative memory” and as places to develop a reflective historical consciousness
  • Helle Bjerg • Katrine Vinther Scheibel: Staging Danish Memory Culture. A Report on the Copenhagen Seminar.
  • Claudia Lenz • Harald Syse: Exploring Norwegian memory culture with competence-oriented learning method. The TeacMem seminar in Oslo
  • Andreas Körber: Historical Thinking and Historical Competencies as Didactical Core Concepts
  • Claudia Lenz • Anne Talsnes: Stimulated Recall. Tracing learning narratives and reinforcing historical competence
  • Helle Bjerg • Katrine Vinther Scheibel: When I think of World War II, I think of…’. A didactical exercise for stimulating reflection on memorial cultures
  • Harald Syse: Memory Cards
  • Claudia Lenz: Mutual Guided Tour. of the Akershus Fortress Memorial Landscape
  • Andreas Körber: De-Constructing Memory Culture
  • Jenny Heggvik • May Britt Wiel Haugland: So hard an age, when battles rage”. A teaching programme about war memorials in Telavåg and Bergen
  • Claudia Lenz • Harald Syse: Mini-exhibitions. Reading and (Re-) Constructing Narratives in Museums and Memorials
  • Harald Syse: Perpetrators and Responsibility in Holocaust Education:
  • Oliver von Wrochem: Dealing with Perpetrators
  • Ulrike Jensen: Remembering Ambivalent Histories and Contested Commemoration: The White Buses
  • Selective Bibliography
  • Authors


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