Challenging free teaching material available about the Soviet Story

Dear Members of the EUROCLIO network,

The Soviet Story is a documentary film, made by the Latvian Edvins Snore in 2008, about Soviet Communism and Soviet-German collaboration before 1941. The film is sponsored by the UEN Group in the European Parliament. The film features interviews with historians such as Norman Davies and Boris Sokolov, Russian writer Viktor Suvorov, Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, members of the European Parliament and perpetrators as well as the victims of Soviet terror.

The Soviet Story is a remarkable film, which can be used as a functional tool for history educators teaching students in the higher forms in secondary education and history teacher students, to trigger discussions on controversial history in the classroom.

The DVD, subtitled in 30 languages, will soon distribute free of charge by the Union of Latvians in Europe to persons or institutions interested in European history. History Educators are invited to send their mailing addresses to the national representatives of the Latvian Union in their respective country.

If you are interested in using this material in your classroom please send your post address to

We would be very grateful if you would spread this message among other persons that might be interested in using this material.

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