New Dispute over Holocaust Commemoration (Ukraine/Canada)

There is a new dispute over Commemorating the Holocaust going on in Canada, involving Ukraine. It is especially about comparing vs. equalizing the Holocaust and Ukrainian Nationalist involvement and the Ukrainian Famime of 1932-1933.
Ukrainian Institutions in Canada protest against plans for a permanent exhibition on the Holocaust. In turn, a group of historians protest against the implications and the way of this protest.

Here is a link to the historians’ protest on German “H-SOZ-U_KULT”-Forum:

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

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  1. Makoiid says:

    It is small wonder that Professor Michael Marrus [] has disparaged the current Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR) course. This museum was envisaged as a museum which was to have as its focus human rights, the creation and codification of these rights.

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