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This is the Web presentation of the International Project “TeacMem.
Developing Competence-Orientated Teaching on Historical Memories”,
a joint venture of Institutions in the Fields of History Didactics, Research in Public Historical Memory, Teacher Training and Secondary Schools in Denmark, Germany and Norway.

The project is funded by the COMENIUS program of the European Union, EACEA devision. It runs from October 2009 to September 2012.

Its far goal is to introduce into history teaching at schools the complex of public memory and remembrance of the National Socialist Germany’s politics and atrocities towards people livining in resp. coming from Scandinavia and their countries, and the ways these parts of the mutual (i.e. shared and divided) of history (especially Scandinavians’ imprisonment in German Concentration camps, German Ocupation of Denmark and Norway) are being remembered within the participating countries.

To this end, the project ventures to bring together teachers, teacher trainers, museum and memorial educators from the participating countries and to enable them to share and exchange their mutual (again: shared and divided) perspectives on the subjects and the traditions as well als debates and developments in learning about these subjects.

Next to these tri-national and inter-professional encounters and exchanges of experiences with and perspectives on learning processes regarding these aspects, which will be organised in the form of three international seminars, groups of participants, again mixed as to their country and profession, will develop material packs and teaching concepts, at first for further teacher training within the participating countries, which later on wil resp. can be used for developing teaching and learning concepts for pupils. For these developmentarl processes, online-cooperation is used.

On these web-sites, information on the project is presented both for the members of the project and for the public. The site isa combines blog and static presentation.

Some pages and blog-entries are for project participants only and thus not visible for outside visitors.

A Project Presentation

  1. Aims of the Project/Project Description
  1. Project Partners
    1. Partner Institutions
    2. Persons
  2. Steering Committee
  3. Project’s Proceedings and Agenda
  4. Current Developments

Hamburg, Decemer 2009

Andreas Körber

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